Affiliate Marketing A Step By Step By Guide

Affiliate Marketing A Step By Step By Guide
Affiliate Marketing A Step By Step By Guide

For a lot of people, Passive income is just a dream. Making money while you sleep is something we all want to do. For 99% of the people, the passive income starts with affiliate marketing.


The idea is to promote other people’s products, with your affiliate link. Thus, making you earn money if the people end up buying products from your link. The whole process of affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing.


There are two sides of affiliate marketing, either you can become a merchant, or you can become an affiliate marketer. Most of the people prefer to take the affiliate route as it is the easiest one if they already have good traffic on your blog. But to be able to make a constant amount of income through your affiliate sales is a bit of an uneasy task. 


That’s why we are showing you the steps to become a merchant. 

Affiliate Marketing A Step By Step By Guide
Affiliate Marketing A Step By Step By Guide

Become A Merchant In 4 Steps


First, you need to come up with a product idea. A lot of people think that coming up, the idea is hard, but to be fair, it is easy. But to make an idea come to life that is super original and born out with a pure genius of your brain well, that is something difficult to achieve in the first place. 


You can always start exploring the topics that you are interested in, the one which makes you happy to read about them. 


Validate Your Idea

To earn money from what you love, you need to validate your idea. Now how are you going to do that? It’s straightforward: you ask people to pay it for your idea.


You need to make sure that once you find these people who love your idea. Do you need to ask them if they are going to buy it? “Buy” is the keyword you need to use. A lot of people will say they like the product. But when it comes to buying it, they are not interested.

Creating A Product 

There are a number of things that you need to carefully line up when you are trying to create a product. We are not going to show you how you can construct a new product. We want you to have something for a great start. 


You can have your E-book written, a podcast, and online courses that will help people improve their skills. To be able to create a digital product is an internet blessing. It takes a little time, and you need only a handful of investors. 


Once you are done with the manufacturing of your product and the product is delivered to your initial buyers. It is your time to shine and open up an affiliate network. 


Finding Affiliate Program Partner

The tech part of doing things in this step is easy. You can set up your affiliate program with a number of online tools and allow the software to collect your commission on it own. The hard part of step 4 comes when you have to find a partner that has an audience that is interested in what your product is about. 


The more specific your niche is, the easier it is for you to pitch your product to the fellow merchant. So it can be sold on the merchant’s website. 


One pro tip we would like to give it to you. The affiliate commission of online products or services is 50% or higher. Because you don’t have to worry about the cost of replication. Don’t try to be greedy when it comes to splitting the amount. Split the pot of money evenly, and everyone will win.  


On the other hand, you can be an affiliate marketer in no time. You can start your journey by reviewing products that are available in your niche. Secondly, try to get as many emails that you can of the people who are interested in your niche. 


After that, use joint venture webinars to boost your sales in a concise period. At the same time, you will be able to grow your email list. 


At last, once your affiliate marketing business is up and running. You can increase your growth by using pay per click advertising.