Money making from your sofa

14 ways to make money from your sofa
14 ways to make money from your sofa

Today many people are looking for their freedom. They want a job that allows them to earn money from home, be able to manage their hours, and choose where they want to work.

When you learn how to earn money from home, you put aside the pressure of the office and you take the obligation of working with a person who reviews every step you take and keeps demanding goals every day.

As it were, these jobs from home not only allow you to generate income, but they give you greater freedom and require little investment.

The best jobs to earn money from home:
The digital age is advancing and more and more new business models are emerging that allow you to earn money online, thanks to new technologies and innovation in jobs.

Ultimately, the internet is “the culprit” that every time there are new jobs from home, which allow you to earn extra money. In addition, you can do it with maximum flexibility and comfort.

Let’s get started.

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1. Paid surveys
One of the best known alternatives to earn money from home is paid surveys. While you will not become a millionaire with these surveys, what is certain is that you can generate some extra income each month.

2. Trade stocks, cryptocurrencies and forex online (CFDs)

You also have the option of trading financial assets from home, whether in stocks, bonds or investment funds through instruments such as CFDs.

You must be very careful with this type of negotiation as it requires some knowledge of how the market works. If you want to start, you should start by attending courses or programs where you know how the market works.

There are platforms with free demos where you can learn to trade online, which offer you an account to do quote tests, in real time but with play money.

As we already mentioned, you must be careful with this type of alternatives since you are in a market with professionals, where it is traded in real time, with complex instruments, and the losses can be considerable if you do not have an adequate strategy.

If you are interested in the subject, we share an article where we explain how to invest in the stock market as a beginner.

3. Virtual assistant

If you are good at communicating with people, this can be an excellent alternative to earn money from home that may be right for you.

Nowadays, it is quite common for companies to contract customer service externally.

What does it consist of? A company or individual hires you so that, from your home, you can answer calls and provide a solution to customers.

In this type of work from home you must have information about the company, and knowledge about possible doubts to solve all the problems that arise.

You must have at home certain basic technological requirements; such as specific headphones that isolate the sound, a built-in microphone and a call terminal.

With this job you can work the hours that you agree flexibly. Although, as in all work, some levels of responsibility are required. If you need help with this, here are some tips for working at home.

Keep in mind that the companies that need this type of work are usually companies in the telecommunications sector, product sales stores or businesses related to financial services, online loans or insurance.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can look at this article on how to be a virtual assistant, and all the job options that you have at hand.

4. Create a blog and earn money with advertising

If you like to write, you can consider creating a blog. For this you can use hosting services such as Bluehost, which allows you to create your blog in a matter of minutes.

The first thing you should do is create a blog and start writing on it. As you position yourself and have more visits, you can generate income with advertising platforms such as Adsense, which belongs to Google and is one of the most recognized to generate income with a web page.



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This business model consists of allocating some spaces on your website so that Google can place ads based on your content and the readers you have. With each click the ad receives, you receive a percentage of these clicks.

5. Get into Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for a business to start from home, affiliate marketing can be a very good idea.

This business idea is possible thanks to the potential of the internet, which allows you to recommend products from third parties (without having to know them), and earn a commission for each sale you make of the product or service.

If you have a digital community, be it a blog or a social network, you can start recommending products that are of interest to the people who follow you.

An important point within Affiliate Marketing is that you must be honest with your community, and second, make sure to recommend quality products, since it is your image that is at stake.

One of the most famous programs worldwide is Amazon Affiliates, which gives you a commission for each sale you manage to make from your website.


6. Content writer

A copywriter is a person who writes content, and the possibilities of this work from home can be very wide. Among the services you can offer are that of a copywriter or blogger, and start making money.

If you like to write, and you are simply looking to earn some money with that hobby you have, there are several platforms where you can place an advertisement about your services.

For example, you must specify what type of content you write, how many words, how long it takes to deliver it and what is your price.

On some platforms you can specify this data yourself, according to your preferences, and on others they will give you pre-established ones.

If you want to give this alternative the opportunity to earn money from home, we have created a guide where we explain how to earn money writing in four steps.

7. Create an online store without inventory

Is it possible to create an online store and not have inventory, without having to worry about the dispatch of products?

This business is known as Dropshipping, and consists of triangulating shipments; where you are in charge of promoting and selling the products and a supplier, located in any corner of the planet, is in charge of dispatching.

Your profit is in the margin between what you charge for a product and the cost of the supplier, usually these suppliers are located in China.

SaleHoo is one of the most popular Dropshipping providers on the planet, so much so that most online resellers use it to buy wholesale products.

There you can get products at retail prices that will generate more than double the profit when you sell them on your own website.

8. Become an expert in something and become a tutor

If you like something that is trending and teachable, you have surely found a very profitable home business.

Online tutors are people who teach about something. For example, if you are good at math, you can give personal reinforcement classes for students or preparatory classes for an exam.

The good thing is that you can be a tutor, or mentor, of various subjects. Among some examples you have:

Coach and record videos on how to do exercises
If you are a nutritionist, teach how to eat healthy
If you know how to do makeup, teach makeup courses at home, among others.
The key is to do something that works for you and that you can teach with your own practical and easily applicable methodology.

Create online courses:
udemy education platform

Within this type of work from home to generate income you have the option of creating online courses. Today there are different platforms through which you can teach. One of the most recognized is Udemy.

See: How to create an online course, promote it and sell it

It is important that the type of content you offer in your online courses is relevant, that you have an audience willing to pay for the course and that the content is of value.

In this way you will be able to reach a greater number of people and consequently increase your income. The interesting thing about this type of work from home is that the content must be prepared once and you can sell it as many times as you want.

9. Community Manager

Companies often delegate the task of the Community Manager to people outside the company.

So, if you are good at social media, this type of work to earn money from home can be a very good opportunity.

Of course, to be able to manage third-party social networks you must be very up-to-date all the information about them, the news and you must be specialized in the online world.

Here you have an online course to succeed as a Community Manager.

If you want to start you can offer your services on Fiverr. On that platform you can publish almost any job that comes to mind. It is quite versatile.

The positive part is that if you know the subject, this job can turn into a profitable business that is quite comfortable and that fits your lifestyle.

10. Become a translator

Being a content translator is a good job to do at home. Of course, you will have to have a very good organization since they will surely mark you some time and you must comply with them (in the second part of this guide I will explain how).

There is currently a lot of work in this area and more things are often requested beyond the typical translations of a letter or a document.

Translations of digital product manuals, help sections, business literature, and web portals are often requested.

So, keep in mind that if you want to be working from home as a translator, and you want to start making money fast, you will not only translate documents. It is very likely that you have to translate a web structure, for example.

11. Graphic designer

There are many fields of work within design. You can design anything from logos, shirts, mugs, flyers to websites. Everything will depend on your specialization and area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

There are many sites to get clients for this type of work from home. Among them you have Upwork, Fiverr and 99Designs.

The most difficult thing will be at the beginning, since getting your first clients and having them trust your skills can be complex.

However, you can start making money from home with this alternative by looking for clients you have had in the past, not necessarily online, they can serve to publicize your style.

12. Application or software development

The software industry grows every day, creating new business opportunities ranging from mobile applications, development of information systems for companies, corporate websites and many other functions that require lines of code.

If you have basic or advanced programming knowledge, you can offer your services through platforms, or get clients in your city who are willing to pay for your development.

The income that you can receive for this type of work from home is very interesting, since there is a great demand for these services and the offer is not as wide as you would think.

Recommended books:
If you are interested in learning about this, here are the most popular programming courses today.

Additionally, I leave you a series of applications to earn money that you can use to generate income when you pick up your cell phone in your free time, when you are at home, or you do not have something to do.

13. Produce food at home

If you have cooking skills, are a chef or like to experiment in the kitchen, you have a number of very interesting possibilities to earn extra money from home.

For starters, you can sell food programs for people in your community; either lunches, meals or snacks.

Today, people have little time, so eating and developing healthy habits is something they seek to solve in some way.

You can also offer a catering service, or prepare special meals for events, business meetings, family gatherings and more.

The idea is that you get to know your first customers, because if you really know how to cook well and you have a good taste, they will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

14. Host a garage sale

Another very good alternative to earn money from home is to do a garage sale where you can offer all those that you do not use (that you surely have enough in your house).

This opportunity to generate extra income is closely linked to leading a minimalist lifestyle, where you need less and less to live happily, without ties or objects that make your life heavy.

So start organizing your house, find everything that has not been used for 6 months, check its condition and quality, and if it is in optimal condition you can sell it at a garage sale.

For this it is important that you do good publicity among your neighbors and nearby neighborhoods, so that you have a good influx of people and you can sell those things that you have left over at home.