Successful Internet Sensations: Get Inspired!

Successful Internet Sensations To Get Inspired From
Successful Internet Sensations To Get Inspired From

We all need to learn from successful internet sensations and their marketing success stories because we have to learn from the examples and motivate ourselves to move towards our goals from taking inspiration from them. 


On the internet, you will find 100% self-made independent entrepreneurs who have made their business a huge success from the ground. 


These guys never got any funding from outside. Everything they earned is 100% there’s 


So let’s find out who they are and what made them earn so much money?

Successful Internet Sensations To Get Inspired From
Successful Internet Sensations To Get Inspired From

Kyle James : Successful Internet Sensations

Affiliate Marketing is his go-to for making money. 


Kyle James is a self-taught entrepreneur who has been working on his website since 2000. He has managed to grow his site into a successful business that can make a revenue of 6 million in a year, through the sales of the stores that have been listed on his website. has been mentioned in some of the top newspapers and online sites such as, Washington Post’s 2011 Holiday Shopping guide. 


His secret of success was providing high-quality useful content to the people who visit his website. At the same time, most of the affiliate marketing websites will feed on the data which is given by the traffic. Thus, removing the originality of the content. Kyle focuses on offering hand-picked deals and coupons and writes unique descriptions for each of the retailers he features on his website.


Aibek Esengulov: Successful Internet Sensations

He started his blog MakeUseOf back in the year 2008 when the internet was still a new thing in many countries. He developed his huge resource library that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He did all this without asking for funds from anyone. MUO is now one of the biggest competitors of power blogs such as Life Hacks and TechCrunch. The blog has been recommended by some of the top websites on the internet. In addition to this, MUO is also featured in Telegraph, Fast Company, and the Washington Post. 


His mantra for success is to be persistent in whatever you are doing. He said “ there might come a time when you are not gaining anything in terms of money and followers. You might think of giving up. But that should not be the end of the road for you. I have worked on MakeUseOf every day without seeing anything in return from it. It was easy to give up everything that I had done and start something new once again. But the persistence helped me to reach where I am, and my blog is right now.”


Onibalusi Bamidele

This guy is providing internet marketing advice to people all around the world from the young age of 17 years. Onibalusi made one of the most outstanding journeys one could think of. Being a poor kid from Nigeria to one of the most reviewed and successful internet marketing consultants. He started his journey in 2009 when he took internet marketing seriously. He is running his blog now, which has high traffic each day. 


His mantra to achieve success was to trust in yourself. If you are facing hardships in life, answer them with all your strength and don’t ever give up on your dreams no matter what happens. Or no matter how long it takes you to reach your goals. 


Jill Smokler 

She writes and makes money out of it. has an average of 500,000 viewers per month. These numbers are still a dream of lots of big blogging websites. The website has been recognized by major blogging awards, including lucky number 13, Best Mom Blogger. Her blog also provides a forum where other scary mommies can come and share their stories. It is also an excellent place for newcomers and for smart people that want to share something important to the writer world. 


Her secret of success is her ability to write uniquely. This style of hers gives ScaryMommy a different style of reading added with humor along with in-depth insight. But one thing made the most impact in her career, and that’s her unique writing style. 


These are some of the internet personalities that have made big in the virtual world and are now earning thousands of dollars on a regular basis. You could be the next one on this list; all you have to do is trust yourself and focus on achieving your goals.